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    This group is a four piece band that comes from London, Ontario. They are the Ultimate Tribute Band of Sabbath Only Sabbath. Any Ozzy fans out there should see this band as they are awesome. And sound just like Black Sabbath. Ozzy Osbourne would be proud of this group.

Members:     Kevvy Osbourne - Vocals/Harmonica
                                                               Rainer Wiechmann - Guitar/ Tech Wizard
                                                               James "Geezer" Lloyd - Bass
                                                               Dale Ward - Drums
VPR Vultures Playing Ruckus


      This is a local band from London,Ontario. They are a three piece band that has a variety of songs they play. There influences came from such artists as Rush, Rolling Stones, Winery Dogs, Black Country Communials, Led Zepplin, and a ton of others.

                                       Members:  Darren Fleury - Drums
                                                             Kory Kage - Lead Guitar
                                                             Alan Charleruois - Bass/Lead Vocals